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Ivy: Question About Poison Ivy?

It covers everything it comes in contact with & can continue to contaminate and infect you for another year! For sure..anyone or anything that has coe in contact with the oil from an ivy plant can spread it around..and it lasts a long time. I’ve got an ivy plant growing in a pot to see how fast it grows and how long it takes to start producing tendrills, etc.When it comes time to kill it off, I’m going to try this mixture on it, as an established plant, and see what happens. ONLY time I ever got any reaction was when I held a squirming dog that had JUST been MASHING the ivy while working a ‘chuck ! If you animals got it on your couch it will only be active for a few months. How does poison ivy keep spreading once you’ve already got it? It should go without saying that it is not selective about what it kills, so be careful when spraying it around plants you want to keep.

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I always keep a couple bottles handy. It should be noted that this patch of ivy is on the north side of a tree and gets maybe 2 hours of sun a day. If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to get pine tree sap on your clothes then you know how hard it is to remove. I know first hand. Using a pair of garden hand pruners, cut about 6 inches from the tip of the stem. Be very careful using paint thinner, as it could irritate the skin! Be very careful using paint thinner, as it could irritate the skin! The active ingredient in most paint thinners is mineral spirits. Make sure the paint thinner you have has mineral spirits in it. I have two medium terrier mixes who are mostly outside long enough to go. For those who don’t know, poison ivy plants are primarily propagated by birds who eat the berries and then poop out the seeds. Who is ‘Poison Ivy’? I’m not much into killing, even where plants are concerned, but I don’t want this stuff growing in my yard. Thanks. But what should I do about the orangy-puss stuff that is seeping outta my blisters?

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Is it the oils from the poison or is it my body producing stuff to kill it? Reply:That orangy stuff is probably the oil from the plant itself and some stuff your body has made to fight against it and get rid of it. For now, I’m hitting all of the small poison ivy plants in my yard with this stuff. Wash wherever the poison ivy touched you within 2 minutes of getting touched by poison ivy. Make sure the plant gets plenty of water the first few years, especially during a drought, while it is getting established. I went away on vacation and my neighbor would not water it, so I came home and it was dead. I live on a property with a well and I realize that whatever I dump on the ground stands a possibility of making its way into my water supply and I’m not OK with that.

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Donning cotton gloves and latex gloves upon the cotton is one way to protect you. Otherwise the only really effective way is to remove it by digging up the roots. When I killed off the leaves last fall, the plant still had some energy stored in its roots. The thing with ivy is that it grows into long runners and from the runners it sends out new roots and they’ll dig into anything. Good enough for Ivy League? But, it stands to reason if I kill the leaves enough times, eventually the plant will run out of energy and actually will die. Any that is not absorbed by the leaves starts to biodegrades as soon as it is sprayed. I’m waiting to see if the half I sprayed re-grows, but I doubt they will since they were too young to really be established. Do you think ivy will winter well in large planters or should I bring it into the basement for the winter?

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Grilling in winter is one of my favorite ways to relax. By the summer solstice (one week after initial application) the half I sprayed was totally gone. I put on some rubber gloves, then put on plastic bags that go up to my elbows, and I went outside with a bunch of bread twist-ties and marked every poison ivy branch at ground level with one. I don’t want to kill all the ivy in the yard because we don’t feel like planting grass. Once your treatment is on the right track and you can feel the pain subsiding you should start lightly exercising your arm to strengthen your healing tendons. Or you can always use the old fashion method of manual removal. Whatever you’re method of choice you need to be diligent about washing all exposed clothing almost immediately and separately from any other clothing. Many stubborn stains will come out just by pre-treating your clothing in regular clothes detergent. This will cause the plant at the top of the vine to die, but it can take a while.

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