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How To Paint Aluminum Siding – What I Learned When I Did It Myself

After you have everything primed, you can apply 1-2 coats of your favorite 100% Acrylic exterior paint. After you have removed all of the chalking, you should prime everything with an Acrylic Bonding Primer. To ensure longevity of the new coat we made sure to choose a high-quality acrylic latex paint that would withstand the weather and cling to the metal surface despite any leftover traces of chalk. When painting with a brush, brush towards the unpainted area and then back into the freshly painted wet surface to prevent lap marks. When you’re ready to paint easy-to-reach areas, just pop the RVT nozzle off the extension and back onto the gun, and you’re immediately ready to spray as usual. The cool thing about this new spray system is the quick-connect feature that detaches the nozzle from the spray gun and connects to an extension pole in a matter of seconds. Switch the Hyde RVT nozzle from sprayer to extension pole in a snap.

When painting this house, Richie sprayed with a strategy to hit the tricky spots first—the areas around windows and trim that needed to be masked—and saved the “field” work in between for using a new extension spray gun from Hyde Tools. Hyde Tools makes some nice wood-handled shields, one style with a plastic spine that allows a little flexibility, and another version with a rigid aluminum spine that keeps the shield perfectly flat and straight. In my case, pointing the nozzle straight up to spray the house soffits would have resulted in all the water cascading back down on top of me. Wash any areas where you have repaired the siding before proceeding. Paint shields protect areas from unwanted overspray. When spraying around areas that you don’t want to paint, such as your freshly painted windows, use paint shields to help mask off the overspray. You can’t just use any old paint on the store’s shelves. To coat the siding we first mixed the paint thoroughly and then applied it with an airless sprayer, starting at the soffits and working downward.

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You can always check at a paint store such as Sherwin-Williams for primer help and other questions related to working with aluminum siding. Tinting the primer may also reduce the number of top coats necessary. For proper adhesion and a long-lasting paint job, choose an oil based primer, and top coat it with an acrylic paint. It usually contains the highest volume of acrylic paint resin. Can I mix oil based paint with acrylic? Use a thinned oil based metal priming paint. No. Use a quality cleaner, which is relatively cheap, to remove dirt, mold and mildew. Sanding the siding will remove chipped paint and dirt that washing can’t. Sanding an entire house exterior is painstaking work, but it’s worth it. What’s the Cheapest Siding for A House? There may be places that are dented, or you might even have holes in your siding. To paint windows I’d suggest investing in a ladder standoff, which is a wide bracket that mounts to the ladder top, bracing the ladder on each side of the window so you have up-close access to the panes.

A line in the color is from the paint drying and being over painted. If it is time to paint over those chips and cracks on aluminum siding, these tips and tricks for painting aluminum siding will help you do the job right. Always make sure you’ll have enough paint to complete the job. If your paint is dripping then you have too much. The water in latex paint will ruin natural bristle brushes. The powerful flow of water might get behind the aluminum siding, leak into your home, and rot the drywall. Richie has a lot more experience painting houses than I do, so he manned an airless sprayer to paint the siding while I stuck with the trim work of the gutters, downspouts, fascia, etc. Richie used a power drill with a mixing paddle to blend the paint and EmulsaBond with a little water to thin it for the sprayer, which also helps ensure uniform color. Big Stretch is white, so it matched our trim color (and it’s paintable, even if it didn’t).

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The light weight of the extension pole means it’s not only useful for high elevations, but also for any lateral area that’s difficult to access, such as above awnings. The RVT Extension Pole telescopes for a 12′ reach. The pole telescopes for a 12-foot reach with the simple twist of a wing nut to lock its position, and a remote trigger on the pole activates the spray. By pivoting the nozzle, I could stand to the side, spray upward and avoid the ensuing waterfall. It featured a pivoting nozzle specifically designed to save time and effort. The nozzle also twists to enable side-to-side work. I painted the new shutters in my workshop to avoid as much ladder work as possible. Once you’re up the ladder and up close to the siding you’ll probably be able to tell on sight, but to make sure, swipe your hand across it. A ladder standoff helps for windows.

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