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How To Clean Your Garbage Disposal – LifeSavvy

From nasty kitchen drains, to beautiful bathroom remodeling, our expertly-trained and certified plumbers are here to take care of you and your home whenever you might need us. Try these 4 methods before calling the expert plumbers at Pippin Brothers. Try baking soda and vinegar. Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into the garbage disposal and then add 1/2 cup of vinegar on top of the baking soda. Start with a large cup of ice cubes, then switch it on and add half a cup of kosher salt (kosher salt because it has larger grains than normal salt). In addition to regular ice cubes, you can freeze a tray of vinegar ice cubes and grind them up. Why this works: The ice cubes, while being ground up, act like millions of miniature missiles, all firing towards any leftover and stuck-on debris that may be stinking up your sink. After filling up your sink, remove the plug and let the water drain down into your disposal while keeping the unit running.

How To Clean Your Garbage Disposal - LifeSavvy kosher salt because it has

Every time you are finished using your garbage disposal, pour some dish soap directly down the drain and let your disposal run for an extra minute or so. Why this works: Hot water and soap combined help remove and wash away the gunk in your garbage disposal just like it would remove food off of your dishes. Why this works: The natural citrus of the lemons will coat the inside plate and rubber housing of the disposal and give off a fresh-cleaned smell without having to use any hard chemicals. Why this works: Vinegar acts as a natural deodorizer and is also great at killing bacteria. Citrus peels contain powerful cleaners, and they make everything smell great. Well, good news: You can possibly get rid of this rotten smell using items just laying around your kitchen. We also recommend a product called Bio-Clean which you can pour down your drains each month.

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I like to take the seeds out of the lemons because frankly we don’t put much down the disposal beside fruit pieces or cereal. Cut up a citrusy fruit like a lemon or an orange into small pieces and feed them to your disposal. Grind a lemon or orange. So only use the lemon peel method after the actual problem-causing sludge and grime has been eliminated. For this method, you will use the powerful combination of baking soda and white vinegar. If you must resort to a store-bought cleaner, make sure that you do not use a chemical-based product that will corrode your disposal, its blades and your drains. Use the stopper to stop the sink drain and fill the sink basin halfway with water. Before you start with the deep clean, make sure the sink and drain area is clear of any objects. Once it has set for about 10-15 minutes you can now start to clean it. Start by lifting the flaps of the splatter guard and pour the baking soda into the unit. All you need for this next drain cleaning method is a half-cup of baking soda and a half-cup of vinegar.

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If you need a quick fix, try to simply flush the dirt out. Adding water when your disposal is on helps drive the solid waste through the ring, shredding and liquifying it and passing it through to a lower chamber where the wastewater is forced out through a waste pipe. This drain cleaner uses naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes that “digest” dead organic waste found in your plumbing system, helping prevent drain clogs and nasty smells. This next method is one of the oldest plumbing tricks in the book. Note: Because vinegar is also acidic you should not use the baking soda and vinegar method very often on your drain. After that, fill the sink with two pumps of dish soap, and use your hands to create some bubbles in the water, adding some more water to the sink. X Research source – Turn on the garbage disposal, run some cold water, and allow the ice and salt to be crushed by the blades. Does your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal smell so awful that it’s almost embarrassing?

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